Hello, I am a graphic design student working in the field of editorial design, exploring graphic design as an investigation field. I am currently based in Paris and Strasbourg.

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Training report ; Conservatoire de Paris (CNSMDP), 2018

This publication reports my experience as graphic designer junior at the National Academy of Music and Dance of Paris (Conseveratoire de Paris)(apprenticeship) from September 2016 to September 2018

publication: 14x21cm - greyboard, digital printing and handmade bookbinding
with photography Ferrante Ferranti

Remake La psychanalyse du Feu de Gaston Bachelard; editorial design, 2018

If paperback are practical, their layout is mainly designed to economize paper and ink, not to offer a better reading experience. On the other hand, Incunables integrated this constraint already. Mainly inspired from this historical layout, leaving a lot of white-space and playing with positive of negative forms.
Physicist and philosopher, it is the first Gaston Bachelard’s book which is more personal and poetic. To make visible this evolution, letters and paragraphs are slowly disturbed and floating as fluid (heat?) into the layout, making reading difficult and highlighting the increasing lyricism.

publication: 190x140cm - silkscreen with gold ink and embossed cover
digital printing and handmade with round-back and embossed bookbinding

Noyau, figue, pensee ; jewellery design and photography, 2019

During a workshop with the artist Lenka Kunhertova, I drew for two days a lot of forms inspired by flames and fire, related to the book of Gaston Bachelard, La Psychanalyse du feu. In order to highlight the hottest parts of the body, these forms became jewellery.

jewellery: brass
digital photography with ZoƩ Kinner-Wolf as model

Statues died too ; performative and editorial design, 2018

Based on the documentary Les statues meurent aussi, by Chris Marker and Alain Resnais, this work highlights the difficulty to decolonize museums and how extra-European artworks are perceived and appreciated in France.
Because this film was censored and this issue mainly ignored by the museums, the envelope is designed as a Trojan horse, inspired by ghost hunting techniques and military history of postcards. If the envelope appears very common in order to reach its recipient (museum’s director), its content reveals itself when we open it.

envelope: A4 - digital printing on iridescent paper
postcard: A6 - digital printing on iridescent paper
protocol: one envelop sent weekly with different postcards during four weeks

Dark ideas of astrophysics ; exhibition identity, 2018

Why did astronomers and astrophysicists need to blacken their ideas ? In the French language, we did not separate dark and black, so we translate «dark energy» into «black energy». To name all these science subjects, we decided to use this color, while it is not scientifically correct. Who can knows the color of something we can’t observe at all. What if scientists have chosen black to express their ideas, even if this choice could influence the perception of these phenomenons.

poster: A1 - plotter printing (optional:photosensitive ink)
leaflet: A5 - digital printing on bristol paper
publication: 19x14cm - digital printing and perfect binding

Truth became an opinion like any other, they said ; publication, 2018

“The Oxford dictionaries word of the year 2016 is - post-truth -, an adjective defined as relating to or denoting circumstances in which objective facts are less influential in shaping public opinion than appeals to emotion and personal belief.”
Internet is a grey area where legislation is difficult to apply (which one, in a globalized context?). Pages are cut in several parts, mixing up images and their caption, confusing the understandability of their meaning and context.

publication: A4 - grey paper, digital printing and saddle stitch

Against neons/winter garden ; object design and publication, 2018

A winter garden is a greenhouse which protects from the harsh winter. It is an enclosed space but evocating travel and exoticism. In order to protest against the uncomfortable spaces and waiting rooms we are daily living in, this paravent must be seen as a window to an outside space. Revolution starts now: everyone can make his own paravent with the user manual.

paravent: 80x60cm in two parts - waterproof wood and cotton weaving
manuel user: 12x20cm - different papers and handmade binding in velvet, inkjet printing